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The Ultimate Lindt Chocolate Cake Class

Last week my colleagues and I went to the Lindt Chocolate Studio at the Silo District (V&A Waterfront in Cape Town) for a little team building – The Ultimate Lindt Chocolate Cake Class.

The details (From their website)

Under the expert guidance of the Lindt Master Chocolatier, you create your own Lindt Chocolate Cake from start to finish. Decorate your indulgent chocolate creation with your personal style and share it at home with family and friends. Enjoy the class being dressed in a Master Chocolatier uniform.


  • Your own ultimate Lindt Chocolate in a Lindt gift box
  • Lindt Difference presentation & Chocolate tasting
  • Recipe to recreate this delicacy at home
  • 10% discount voucher for the Lindt Chocolate Boutique

Cost: R475.00

Other notes: Only Lindt Chocolate Studio Cape Town offers to dress up like a Master Chocolatier.

My review

As a die-hard lover of both Lindt chocolate and cake, you can only imagine how exciting this opportunity was for me.

When we arrived, we were told to put on our Master Chocolatier outfits – an apron, coat and hat – and find a space around one of the three already set-up stations.

Each station was kitted out with a single hob and all the ingredients and tools needed to make our decadent chocolate cake.

Before we began, the Master Chocolatier gave us a full rundown of what we should do, going through the process step-by-step. This was extremely helpful as there was a need to do specific steps a certain way as to not wreck the cake before we (read: I) even got it in the oven.

Once we were shown what to do, it was time to get our very own batter mixed up so it could be put in the oven while we were taken through the next few steps (making the chocolate ganache and chocolate collar – cue panic!).

Once our cakes were in the oven the easiest part was over and it was time to conquer the next few steps. These steps included making our chocolate ganache to pour over the top of the cake, watching a demonstration on how to make a chocolate collar and a demo on how to make chocolate ‘flakes’ to decorate our cake with at the very end.

This was the part I think we were all a little worried about (not making the chocolate collar, but placing it around the cake successfully). There was also an opportunity to hear a little more about Lindt, where their cocoa is sourced from, how their chocolate is made and have a little taste of some of their chocolate (wow, their EXCELLENCE Pink Grapefruit is to die for!).

Once our cakes were baked to perfection, it was chocolate-collar time and, in my opinion, for our first time I honestly don’t think we did all that bad (although mine could have been tighter).

Once the collar was as secure as we could get them (you only have one shot at it) it was time to pour the molten-goodness that is our ganache over the top and it was my favourite part watching it spread beautifully over the top of our cake making the perfect sticky base for all of our pending decorations.

Above you can see the whole cake assembled with a few Lindt White Chocolate Lindor Truffles, the ‘flakes’ of chocolate we made and some delicious chantilly cream added to the top, too.

Honestly, the whole experience was better than I could ever have imagined. Lindt, in general, is amazing. How they make their chocolate, how delicious it tastes and their overall ethos make the company one of my favourites (and one I support almost weekly when I do my shopping), and this classes, in my opinion, add another layer of pure magic to the brand.

The class was not only a fun team building exercise, but it was an hour where we learned about Lindt and chocolate in general, laughed and had a good time.

Saying that, I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to try their hand at baking a delicious cake, spend some time with friends or family in a different setting, or even as a solo project for some ‘you’ time.

P.S. The cake was delicious and we ate it in two days.

Disclaimer: We attended this class as a team building exercise and the company I work for paid for it. All views are my own.

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