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Things I will miss about South Africa when we relocate

Jeanne and I have been talking about relocating to the United Kingdom more and more over the last couple of months and, even though South Africa is having a bit of a hard time at the moment, there would be so many things I will miss when we uproot and move. 

South Africa offers so much that the rest of the world doesn’t and, more importantly, it’s been our home for the last eight years.

We have built up our careers, made the most incredible friends and, well, let’s face it, the weather is pretty sweet for the majority of the year, too. So you can imagine that, even those three points alone, make the reality of leaving a bietjie hard.

However, in order to achieve the life we have now, I have had to move before. It’s been eight years since I packed my bags, booked flights to London and left my (now) wife behind to embark on a four-year educational journey in Chester that led me and helped me get to where I am now.

And, although that journey was hard to endure, I now kinda-sorta know what to expect when we finally pack our bags and leave to start a new life overseas someday soon.

So, as I sit here with a nice warm cup of rooibos on this beautiful drizzly spring day, I think about all of the things I will miss the most when we do decide to pick up our lives and get on a jet plane.

1. The weather

There really is nothing more glorious than South Africa’s weather. The summer months are glorious, and give us the opportunity to spend the majority of our time outdoors (slathered in sunscreen, of course) with friends, taking part in hobbies, braaiing and generally just enjoying the outdoors.

And even when winter darkens our door, it’s not all that bad, with rays of sunshine making appearances between showers and snowfall, and days so warm they would convince most that winter doesn’t even exist in this precious part of the world.

2. The wine

Did you know, South Africa is renowned for its amazing selection of world-class wines? If you didn’t, well, shame on you and are you even a wine-lover then?

Scattered across SA are hundreds of wine farms/estates doing us proud. Producing everything from rosé and pinotage to Chenin, SA is the place for wine-lovers to really indulge in some of the world’s finest wines.

I am not saying you won’t find lovely wine anywhere else in the world (although you will probably pay a fat stack for it), but there is nothing like taking a walk down an aisle stocked to the brim with lekker local wines, choosing one (or three) and then taking it/them home, popping the cork and sipping on a glass at the end of the day.

3. Table Mountain

Table Mountain’s perfection speaks for itself. She makes the early morning drive to work bearable as I get to ogle at her profound beauty as the sun rises.

Literally one of the most majestic mountains I have ever laid eyes on, it’s an honour to be in her presence every day. Her gloriousness will be missed desperately when we no longer live in the Mother City.

4. Road trips

There’s so much of our beautiful country yet to explore, and I will miss the impromptu road trips Jeanne and I take when we find a new little spot to visit.

We have been to some incredible places – including McGregor, Kimberly, Klerksdorp and more – and I will miss getting to explore more of our beautiful land. But that’s what holidays are for, right?

5. Food, food and food

Anyone who knows me knows I live life thinking about my next meal. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, I am always planning what we are going to eat or what we are going snack on next.

South Africa has a vast selection of restaurants, markets and food trucks scattered across the country, making it a foodie’s paradise! From Mexican to Ethiopian, South African to Japanese, there are so many cuisines to try out.

What’s more, South Africa has numerous fine dining spots that are really affordable, giving us the opportunity to eat at establishments we probably won’t be able to overseas – so these are opportunities that will be missed for sure!

When it comes to snacks and sweet things, well South Africa offers a wide selection of yummy treats (that I often indulge in too often). From koeksisters to milk tart, biltong and Nik Naks, these delicious treats will be missed dearly for sure.

See as much as you can of our gorgeous country

Being Tourism Month, it’s the perfect opportunity to indulge in all of the things you would potentially miss if you moved to London. So make sure you go out and explore that place you have always wanted to see, pop the cork on that delicious bottle of wine you have been saving for a special occasion, and book your table at one of South Africa’s fine dining restaurants – just because!

Now I want to hear from you!

What would you miss about South Africa if you left and relocated to London? Let me know in the comment section down below.

Disclaimer: This is a collaboration post between The Boldest Type and Travelstart. All thoughts and opinions expressed are solely those of The Boldest Type and are in no way influenced by the company or its affiliates.

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