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Three natural ways to increase your energy levels

I don’t know about you, but when it gets to this time of the year I am pretty darn exhausted and feel completely out of energy. Both my mind and my body feel worn out and I look forward to the end of the year more and more.

But recently I have been trying different ways to keep my energy levels up, all of which are safe and natural and do not send your body into a coma when you eventually crash.

Listen, I do not have a problem with the ranges of popular energy drinks, and a can of Monster has saved me on numerous occasions, but I have realised more and more than I need ways that I can keep my energy levels up constantly, and I do not want to be consuming copious amounts of caffeine in order to do that.

In my grand journey to find ways to keep my energy levels up, I have come across a number of new products I have never heard of or tried before and was eager to try them out.

I mean, some days my energy level is so low that I could pass out on the bus on the way to and from work and, let’s be honest, drooling on the person sitting next to you is not a great way to meet new people and expand your circle of friends. Am I right?!

So, after a lot of research and testing, here are the three products and things that I do every day in order to keep my energy levels up, just incase you would like to try them out, too.

1. Scheckter’s Organic Energy Drink


When I think of energy drinks my mind immediately sees that larger than life can of Red Bull or Monster (and I am sure yours does too), and that’s probably because they are the ones that are widely known and very popular. However, energy drinks have taken a turn for the better in the form of Scheckter’s Organic energy drinks.

Whether you are looking for a natural pick me up or a refreshing and cold alternative to coffee or tea – which we need so desperately during the hot summer days – Scheckter’s Organic Energy is exactly what I need.

Each drink – there are four in the range – offers 80mg of organic, natural energy (the same amount of caffeine as a good quality espresso) and contains a unique blend of natural, quality ingredients which make for a great tasting, refreshing and healthier way to energise that can be cracked open at any time of the day.

The four flavours include:

  • Scheckter’s Original is simply filtered sparkling spring water with organic pomegranate, lemon and elderberry juice with no artificial ingredients and a sustained energy boost which comes from a unique organic energy blend of raw green coffee beans, organic green tea, guarana and ginseng extract.
  • Scheckter’s Lite offers the same benefits and great taste as Original, but contains 30 per cent fewer calories. It uses organic agave nectar, which has a lower GI than raw cane sugar, and offers a crisp finish.

New for 2016 are two delicious new flavours:

  • Scheckter’s Green Tea & Mint is organic mint extract combined with organic green tea in sparkling spring water, making it particularly refreshing.
  • Scheckter’s Green Tea & Ginger is organic zingy ginger extract combined with organic green tea in sparkling spring water.

Scheckter’s delicious drinks help me to keep energised and refreshed while avoiding the dreaded jitters (which tend to bring on terrible heart palpitations for me) and crashing (which leaves you even more tired than before).

Instead, Scheckter’s refreshing liquid goodness provides me with the energy I need without all the bad and unhealthy stuff (as it is free of artificial ingredients, certified organic, Non-GMO Project verified and Vegetarian Society approved and Informed Sport approved, providing nothing but a natural energy boost that will keep you going all day).

You will be glad to know that the brand is widely available across South Africa and can be found in Woolworths, Clicks, Dischem, Spar, Pick n Pay, Wellness Warehouse, selected Food Lovers stores and many other quality health food retailers. The price point is R19.95 per can.

2. Find ways to De-Stress 


One of the biggest problems I have is that I am a serious stresser. Not one of my finest qualities, I have to admit, but I can’t help it. I do try to manage it as best I can though, because if I let it get the best of me it makes me useless in every aspect of life.

Unfortunately, I worry a lot and tend to stress about everything (even the little things), and that really does not help with my anxiety or stress levels, leaving me mentally and physically exhausted.

To try and curb my stress as much as I can, I do a number of things to de-stress, including yoga, reading and spending some much-needed time away from technology (including my phone, laptop and TV).

I practice yoga at home by myself (as I cannot afford to go to classes very often), as find that it really helps me clear my mind and calm my anxiety. Reading and spending time away from technology helps in the same way.

3. Take Magnesium 


By eating a balanced diet you can ensure that you get all of the vitamins and minerals your body needs, but sometimes it’s not enough. It wasn’t enough for me, and I am sure that I have a slight magnesium deficiency (although I have no confirmed it).

Magnesium is important for a number of reasons, as it is needed for for a whopping 300 biochemical reactions in the body (one of which include breaking down glucose into useable energy).

If you have a magnesium deficiency, your body will have to work harder, using up your energy quicker and leaving you feeling very tired and low on energy. However, by taking a magnesium supplement, you can avoid this from happening.

Recommended daily intake of magnesium:

  • Women: 300 milligrams
  • Men: 350 milligrams

If you would prefer not to take the vitamins in tablet form, instead you can eat a handful of almonds, hazelnuts or cashews, eat more whole grains (ie. bran cereal), and eat fish more often.

I have done both of the suggestions above (I love, love, love almonds), and have started to take Slow-Mag Magnesium 30 Capsules that I buy from Clicks and they have significantly helped to improve my energy levels and reduce my fatigue.

Have you ever experienced a dip in your energy levels? What changes have you made to your lifestyle and diet in order to raise them? Let me know in the comment section below, I would love to try out some of your suggestions, too!

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  • Reply Odette

    These are some good tips. I’m also in the November slump, but I’m trying to stay away from all energy drinks. I took a bunch during my exams in June and they messed up my stomach and sleeping pattern. It took weeks for me to be normal again.

    November 20, 2016 at 10:31 am
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