Top 3 subscription boxes for foodies

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about my Top 5 Subscription Boxes for Women (available in South Africa), and because of its popularity – and my undying love for food – I decided to write one about my top food subscription boxes that are perfect for all the South African food lovers out there. Check them out!

I am just going to put this out there – I love food. I love cooking, eating, and snacking. Basically anything to do with really good food, all the time. To be completely honest, when I travel – and I have been lucky enough to travel extensively during my short life so far – I travel through my stomach, planning my itinerary around what restaurants I am going to eat at, and what food I have to try while I am there. So it was only natural for me to put this post together and love it so much! Here goes…

1. Sweetie Box – launching soon!


Image: supplied.

I cannot explain the excitement both myself and my sweet tooth feel about this soon-to-be-launched subscription box. Sweetie Box will be South Africa’s first premium sweet subscription service, and it will consist of a curated subscription box that will be delivered to each subscriber’s door monthly – filled to the brim with a selection of premium, hand-picked sweets. Say what?! I know, right… But, there’s more!

The company’s subscription process will be easy and seamless, including multiple payment options that mean their subscribers are not taking on a long-term commitment – although I have a feeling this is going to be a sweet affair I won’t be able to let go of! May the words ‘cancel my subscription’ never pass my lips when it comes to Sweetie Box, and if they do, don’t listen to me!

Each of their orders will be delivered via hand-to-hand couriers right to their subscribers’ doors in the same week of every month – sounds like perfection to me!

P.s. The Sweetie Box has not launched yet. If you want to know when they do, make sure you visit their website and sign up to their email list to be kept in the loop. Additionally, they are wanting to know more about what their potential customers like! If you plan on signing up, take their survey to ensure that you have your say on the final product and get a pre-launch discount on your subscription! Winner…

2. Zestly


Image: sourced from their website.

Each month, Zestly puts together a box full of gourmet snacks from their array of suppliers. This curated box ensures that each month their subscribers are greeted with a food and snack box they cannot wait to tuck into once it arrives on their doorstep.

Inside, subscribers will find six to eight different (proudly) South African gourmet food products that have been sourced by their staff – best. job. ever. – making this subscription box service the easiest way to discover and try new foods and flavours, as well as support local producers in the ever-so-delicious process. Each box comes with a leaflet that contains the producers product information, which means that subscribers know exactly what they are getting and where they are getting it from.

What’s more, Zestly will soon have each of the products that feature in their boxes easily available for purchase direct from their website, meaning it will be simple as pie (mmm, pie!) to purchase the products you loved so much again and again! Want to subscribe? Beat you to it! Visit their website.

3. Good Snacks

good snacks

Image: sourced from their website.

Guys, I snack all. the. time. Ask my colleagues. Ask my girlfriend. Actually, you can ask anyone who knows me. I am constantly eating something – but it’s not always good for me. That’s where this beautiful box comes in! Meet Good Snacks, a monthly subscription service packed with a variety of goodies that are actually good for you – think nuts, dried fruit, and so much more. My favourite thing about this subscription box is that they understand that not everyone fits the same box, so they cater for everyone by having various box options to choose from. I love you. I really do!

Every month subscribers have the choice to stay with their old faithful (the box they have been getting every month for the last six months), or change to a different box to find out which one really tickles their fancy – and their taste buds! (Note: this change has to be done before the 20th of each month). What’re more, if ‘life’ happens – which it does quite often in my case – all subscribers have the chance to pause, cancel or resume their Good Snacks subscription at any time (again, before the 20th of every month).

Want to know more? I don’t blame you. Visit their website here.

Have you tried one of the boxes mentioned above? Are there any boxes I have missed out? Or have I tempted you to subscribe to one (or more) of the boxes I have talked about? Let me know in the comment section below – I would love to here from you!

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