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Vergenoegd Löw Wine Estate spices up summer

Summer in Cape Town is pretty perfect as it is, but it’s always nice to have an amazing event or two to look forward to enjoying in the blissful sunshine with your friends or family.

Jeanne and I were invited to attend the first summer concert of 2017/18 season, hosted by Vergenoegd Löw Wine Estate (this is the second year they are running this amazing event) and, with an amazing line-up taking to the stage, we could not wait to spread out our picnic blanket and sing along.

There is a lot to love when it comes to Vergenoedg Löw Wine Estate. Everything from their breath taking Cape Dutch architecture to their famous runner ducks had us waiting in anticipation for the day to come as there was so much to look forward to.

On arrival, as you walk into the venue, you are greeted by an amazing festive food market (this will change as we pass Christmas and go into the new year) and an array of delicious foodie-smells. There are food stalls, wine stalls and gifts stalls, all of which make up this amazing space that was buzzing with excitement and happy people going some Christmas shopping and eating tasty things.

The market gives you a nice excuse to head there early, as each of the concerts only start at 11am. The opening performances kick off at 12pm, and then the headline band takes to the stage at 4pm, ending at 6pm.

Guests can then take the lawn with a picnic blanket when they are ready, hire a haybale, or bring their own (low) camping chairs if they do not want to sit on the floor, and can settle down with a delicious feast to watch the acts on the stage with their friends, family or better halves.

While we were there, we were presented with an amazing picnic basket – note: these are only available during the week – to nibble on and a bottle of their delicious wine, of which I chose the Rose. I was so glad I did because it paired so well with the picnic basket’s contents – especially the cheese! Mmm.

The picnic basket was filled with hummus, cheeses, salmon mousse, bread, olives, a green salad, cous cous salad and so much more! All of which was so delicious. If you visit the wine farm during the week for a tasting or a visit, this is a must-have.

As we settled down and just before the concert started, we were told we would be seeing a duck march. We didn’t know if they would be doing it or not on the day of the concert, so we didn’t expect to see them, making it an absolute treat.

Can you believe more than 1 100 ducks take part in this amazing march? No, I couldn’t either. It just made the whole day that little bit extra special, in my opinion.

Side note: After the duck march had finished, I messaged my mum and dad and told them that when they are next in Cape Town I am specifically bringing them to see the duck march! 

Okay, on to the concert. The line-up for the concert we were invited to included: Khan Morbee with opening acts by Dani Ville, Paige Mac and Gareth James – all of which we had never seen before and all of which blew us away with their incredible voices and talent.

Unfortunately, the weather was a little chilly and it was overcast for the majority of the time, but we made sure to take warm jackets, dressed accordingly, wrapped ourselves up in big blankets when we needed to and had a couple of glasses of wine to keep us warm!

Overall it was such a lovely day, and we were so excited to have had the opportunity to see Khan Morbee kick off Vergenoegd Löw Wine Estate’s second season of Summer Concerts. I can only imagine how amazing the next few lines ups are going to be.

To find out the line-up for the rest of their summer concerts that go into next year, and to book your tickets, visit their website. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on the likes of Desmond and the Tutus and Watershed!

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