3 ways to keep your dogs cool in summer

Summer is finally on its way and, before it gets any warmer, I have been on the look out for a number of different ways to keep our dogs cool, hydrated and entertained while we are out during the day.

During summer we feel hot and bothered, so can you imagine what your pets feel like while you’re out and about? With rising temperatures reaching 30 degrees Celsius and above, it is critical to keep your dogs as cool as possible while you are not home. But how?

We have put together a short list of three simple and easy ways you can keep your pets as comfortable as possible this summer without spending a fortune:

Swimming Pool

We have invested in a small, plastic swimming pool like we used to have when we were kids. You know, the ones that look like shells that were filled with sand and water. You can get these shell shaped plastic pools from both Makro and Game for a couple hundred Rand, they are a great way to keep your dogs who love water both hydrated and cool as they tend to drink the water while lying, sitting and standing in the cool puddle of water.

IMG_0309 copy

Shade and Shelter

Make sure they have adequate shade. Although this may seem like a no-brainer, not everyone is lucky enough to have a covered stoep where their four-legged friend can stay out of the sun. If this is the case, invest in a dog house with a cushion or soft bedding inside where they can take shelter from all weather conditions, whether that be the sun or rain.

There are an array of companies who make the perfect kennels for your furry friends, including Cape Tow Dog Kennels.

Your pet’s well-being is important. In summer, without the adequate protection, they could suffer from heat exhaustion and dehydration, both of which will end in a visit to your vet. However, by ensuring they have what they need (including the three things above) you can go about your day without worrying about them.

Ice for Dogs

I came across this clever (and cheap) idea on Facebook just a couple of days ago, and decided to try it out. All you need is a packet of balloons, water, a freezer and a shallow bowl – it’s as simple as that.


Both Bodhi and Zeke (who was camera shy today) loved their ice treat and it kept them busy the whole day. Once it was small enough, Bodhi decided to bite a big chunk out of it and run around the garden looking very pleased with himself. We will be using this cheap and cheerful cooling method throughout summer – and we may freeze some of Bodhi’s favorite veggies in one or two of them, too!

Check out my short video of Bodhi enjoying his ice treat below!

Do you have any other ways that you keep your pets cool? Let me know in the comment section below, I would love to hear about them!

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