We Designed a Room with Spitfire Furniture!

We were invited – alongside Caffeine and Fairydust and Gentleman’s Evolution – to “Design a Room” at Spitfire Furniture, an amazing furniture store that imports and sells beautiful handmade leather, aluminium and wood clad furniture that takes inspiration from a number of aviation aspects, and we had a real blast!


Before we set off to Cape Quarter Lifestyle Village in Green Point (where the showroom is located), we put together three different looks from Spitfire’s online catalogue so that we had a good idea of what we wanted our room to look like. You can see these three looks below:

Spitfire Furniture Look 1 

Look One

1. Banshee – Egg Chair (R22 500) | 2. The Quarterdeck – Floor Tripod (R5 500) |  3. Banshee Reception Chair (R14 500) | 4. Harrier – Arm Chair (R16 900) | 5. Dakota – Coffee Table (R25 500) | 6. Harrier – 3 Seater Couch (R29 900) | 7. Phantom – Cabinet (R29 000)

Spitfire Furniture Look 2 

Look Two

1. The Port – Table Lamp (R1 950) | 2. Catalina – Relaxation (R26 500) | 3. Tomcat – Book Case (R18 500) | 4. Phantom – Cabinet Small (R16 500) | 5. Apache – Arm Chair (R17 900) | 6. The Beacon – Floor Tripod (R12 500) | 7. Apache – 3 Seater (R34 500) | 8. Bypass – Coffee Table (R38 500):

Spitfire Furniture Look 3

Look Three

1. The Mainstay – Floor Tripod (R3 250) | 2. Heron – Bookcase (R28 500) | 3. Phantom – Trunk (R6 500) | 4. Heron – Coffee Table (R26 500) | 5. The Quarterdeck – Table Tripod (R2 500) | 6. Barcelona – Lounger 1 Seater (R19 500) | 7. Baron – 3 Seater (R48 500)

What we Ended up Using

Once we arrived, we met Anton and Lucky at the showroom and took a look around to see what they had. We chose to use these pieces:

what we used

1. Barcelona – Lounger 1 Seater (R19 500) | 2. Tomcat – Coffee Table (R26 500) | 3. Tomcat – Mirror (R9 750) | 4. Chesterfield – 3 Seater Couch (R48 500) | 5. Phantom – Cabinet (R29 500) | Rowlock – Lamp (no image on website) | Negative Surfboard | Retro Electric Blue Helmet | Leather Journals (R600) – no image on website | Ferrari Artwork | Steve McQueen “The 24 Hours of Le Mans” | Deus Work Jacket

Image one of our Spitfire Furniture "Design a Room" entry

Image two of our Spitfire Furniture "Design a Room" entry

Why I Chose These Pieces

After ambling around the showroom for a while and seeing what pieces were available, we decided to go for brown leather chairs paired with shiny aluminium furniture.

We love brown leather, so we were instantly drawn to the Chesterfield Couch and Barcelona Lounger and decided that the aluminium pieces and lamp would draw them together.

Our house is very minimalistic, so we decided to keep our room the same, only bringing in the surf board, miniature bicycle, journals, bike helmet, jacket and the pieces on the wall to make it feel more homely.

We were super pleased with our overall design, and feel that it portrays a look that we would have in our own home, which was our aim.

Thank you Spitfire Furniture

We would just like to thank Spitfire Furniture, Anton and Lucky for this amazing opportunity and for lugging around all of the furniture for us, we had a great afternoon.


Spitfire is holding a vote that is open to the public, where you can vote for your favourite room! If you want to vote, you can see the entries here, and vote for your favourite room here.

If you want to see more of Spitfire Furniture’s gorgeous furniture, visit their website

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  • Reply Andrea

    I love room 3!

    October 18, 2016 at 9:15 am
  • Reply Angela

    I loved how you decided to decorate these rooms. They are very well put together, and spitfire has some nice furniture!

    September 7, 2016 at 4:40 pm
    • Reply Claire Henderson

      Thank you so much Angela!

      September 20, 2016 at 3:19 pm

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