We rescued a kitten

Jeanne and I have added an unexpected new member to our family, and she has four legs, a tail and the cutest personality I have ever experienced. Her name is Belle and she is a fluffy ginger cat who has purred her way in to our hearts.

I am going to be completely honest with you, Jeanne has been asking if we can get a cat for over a year now, and I just felt like we were not ready to commit to having and caring for another animal – I mean, we already have two boys (dogs) who are a handful at the best of times (and we love them to death) – and bring another pet in to the house was just too much for me to even think about.

However, Jeanne’s friend called her last week and asked if she knew of a good home for their kitten. Unfortunately, their dogs are too vicious and the transition was just too hard, meaning the situation was just not working out. In addition, one of the dogs also tried to attack the kiteen, and they were so scared that she was going to get killed – a situation no one would ever want to happen.

Note: The kitten was brought in to our friend’s home by her housemate, who was not doing his best to care for her. This is why they were looking for a new home for her. 

I also want to stress that bringing in another animal to a home with pets who have been alone their whole lives or have not experienced cats (or another animal) is very hard, and normally does not work out.

I do not blame our friend’s dogs, it is their home and they have never been exposed to cats before. It was wrong of her housemate to go against her request and get a cat anyway.

After chatting to her friend, Jeanne called me and told me that she was looking for a new home for the kitten, and I immediately – without hesitation, which is very unlike me – said that she could come and stay with us.

I am not sure why I didn’t think it through, it just felt okay and right in the moment and we had met the kitten before and thought she was very sweet. In shock, Jeanne asked me if I was sure and, before it all had time to sink in, we were in the car on our way to the vet to borrow a cat carrier. Eeek!

Note: I would like to give a big shout out to our vet, VET-CLIN Table View, for having pet carriers on hand for their customers to borrow as we did not have money available to rush out and buy our own on the day. It was a big help and made Belle feel safe and comfortable on her ride home

Once we caught up with our friend and got Belle in to the crate, it was time to drive home – which is quite a journey when you live 25km away and have a tiny, cute crying creature in the back who does not know what is going on. I felt so heart-sore and wished I could explain the whole process to her so she knows that she was safe and everything would be okay.

Night one

I am just going to start out by staying that night one was a restless one guys, shit. When we got home we took her straight to our room, as we want to establish it as her ‘safe zone’ where the dogs are not allowed and so that she knows that she would be undisturbed there.

She took a while to come out of the pet carrier, but when she did she started to explore a little at a very slow and cautious pace – I don’t blame her! Once out, she found her way around and finally jumped on the bed where she nested. Yes, nested. Cute!

Why I am saying that night one was restless is because both Jeanne I a were 1. worried about her, 2. not use to the noises that come with cats (think collar bell and litter box) and 3. just wanted to watch her for hours. Also, she kept cuddling right in to our faces, which was so cute but woke us up every time. I think she did this because she did not want to be at the bottom of the bed by herself. Shames!


Today she is so different. She is much more confident, roams around the house when the dogs are outside – finding all the little hiding spots – and has taken a liking to napping, loving and cuddling excessively.

We are still adjusting her to the dogs as she is very nervous and very cautious – again, I don’t blame her – so we have let the dogs see her while they are outside and she is inside, have introduced Zeke to her (and all he wants to do is love her, but he is so excited) and have had a couple of instances where Bodhi has tried to run up to her but she just runs away.

I think it is going to take a while for her to adjust 100%, and we are 100% okay with taking all the time she needs. We know our dogs will adjust too, and will accept her – they both grew up with and have interacted with cats – but we are taking it slow for her benefit and so that she can learn to trust dogs again.

We have also decided to keep her on her Hills pet food – after trying her with a raw diet (like the dogs are on) and her not liking it – in addition to adding her to our pet insurance next month (One Plan) and slowly building up all the necessary items she needs (for example: a cat scratch).

We really love this little girl and realise that fate brought us together. Did you rescue a pet? What kind of pet and what were the circumstance? Tell me a bit about your story in the comment box below.


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  • Reply Diana Studer

    Our Zoe was Bella when we adopted her from TEARS.

    July 26, 2017 at 10:06 pm
    • Reply Claire Henderson

      Awwww, so cute! Our Belle was Pascal when we rescued her! 🙂

      July 27, 2017 at 9:10 am
  • Reply candice

    Aww adorable, I have such a soft spot for kittens and puppies! Good on you for rescuing this kitten…

    July 26, 2017 at 10:53 am
    • Reply Claire Henderson

      Thank you 🙂 Yeah, we already have two dogs and now our family feels complete! <3

      July 27, 2017 at 9:10 am
  • Reply Alice Hawkins

    OMG i’m so excited for you guys! Kitties are just a lovely addition. We did it the other way round and its taken about 2 months for the dog and cats to properly adjust to each other but they’re now mates and its just too cute! Enjoy her and remember to get her spayed when she’s 6 months old- there are far too many cats without lovely loving homes!

    July 25, 2017 at 4:25 pm
    • Reply Claire Henderson

      Thanks Alice, yeah, it’s going to take some time for her to get use to them. Think after being attacked she is even more weary – and I don’t blame her! But I have faith that they will be good friends, and Zeke just loves cats. Yes, she will get spayed, all our animals have been. You’re right, there are way too many animals without homes and sitting in shelters! Hope you guys are well and kisses to all the babies. XOXO

      July 27, 2017 at 9:12 am

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