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Wedding hair mood board

I have to admit, I got this wedding stuff all wrong. I honestly thought it would be a breeze to pick out my make up and hair style I want for our big day, and that I would be a nightmare when it came to dress shopping. But, I have got my dress and I cannot figure out what in Hercules’ name I want to do with the rest.  Help!

Thankfully, like I have an amazing sister to do my make up, and my stepmom – who is a hairdresser – will be doing my hair on the day. Eeeek! I am so excited and so nervous. Here come the butterflies!

So, in my quest to find the prefect hair, I have put together this little mood board of styles I really like. I am wearing a gold, leafy headpiece, so my hairstyle needs to compliment and fit that.

I really, really wanted to have victory rolls. I have had dreams about me walking down the aisle with victory rolls (picture 3 is of subtle and pretty victory rolls), but I just think they are going to fit with my headpiece.

This means I either sacrifice my headpiece – which is the only think I am having on my head because I have chosen to have no veil – and my sister wears hers alone (which was not the point), or I sacrifice my dream of victory rolls.

My mama bear will help me make the ultimate decisions, because she is really good at that kind of thing, but it’s nice to experiment and get some good old inspiration. So here is my wedding hair mood board:

Mood board by The Boldest Type

I know I will find a style I like, I am just going to have to experiment and figure out what will suit me, my dress and, potentially, my headpiece.

What is your favourite style from my mood board? Let me know in the comment section below.  

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  • Reply Charlie

    First board top and bottom middle, second board top middle. Can especially see you in the half up half down. I had my then long hair half up, half down and it was lovely.

    June 29, 2017 at 1:45 pm
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