Wedding planning: Part two

A lot has happened since Jeanne and I started planning our wedding eight months ago, and now that it’s less than four months around the corner, the excitement is starting to build and we can finally get the last bits and pieces planned and finalised!

This post is just going to give you all a little update on what has happened so far and what we still need to do.

Our witnesses

Since my dad is walking me down the aisle and Jeanne’s dad is her best man, we decided that we would like our mums to be our witnesses and sign all the legal documents with us.

It’s really important for us to include those closest to us in the important areas of our wedding, as we like to think of it as not just our day, but our parents’ and sibling’s day too, as a marriage brings two families together and is an occasion we all get to celebrate.

When I called my mum on the weekend to ask her if should would be my witness, she started crying on the phone. It was possibly one of the best moments of planning our wedding thus far, really, and I wished in that moment that I could have wrapped my arms around her and given her a huge hug.

Jeanne asked her mum to be her witness, too, so we will both have our mums there signing the important documents with us.


Jeanne and I have decided on all our décor, and have bought all the goodies that will be on the table – except for the flowers, obviously – already.

We have some beautiful wooden blocks that our décor will sit on out the way (because I hate when you end up knocking things over or there’s so much on the table that you can’t see the person in front of you), I have still yet to glitter-fy our glass bottles that our flowers and lights will be displayed in, and we have bought some beautiful glass candles that smell like vanilla that will have tartan ribbon and bows tied around them.

The last thing that will be on the tables is a surprise, so I can’t tell you what it is. However, it was Jeanne’s idea and it’s going to really personalise every table in the room. SO excited!

A couple of the other décor related items that have changed include: having chair covers on our chairs outside for the ceremony and the flowers – although we want Baby’s Breath – might have to change since it might be out of seasons and hard to find in October. Meaning that we will have something similar that is still white and tiny.


Jeanne and I have always said from the very beginning how important the food is at our wedding. We are both huge foodies, meaning we really, really enjoy eating good food, so we put a lot of though and energy in to securing what we wanted.

Seeing as our guest list was shortened drastically – as most of my family are overseas and cannot make it – we had the option to go from the buffet option that we had to take if there were over a certain amount of guests, to a sit down dinner instead, which we are so freaking excited about.

After mulling over the set menus we could choose from, we decided that we did not like the already-made combinations and chose to make our own by choosing our fave dishes from Blowfish’s normal menu, and making our own personalised set menu that includes 3 options for each course.

This pushed the price up a little, but we are super happy with our choices and know it’s going to be perfect.


After sending our invitations for 80 people, we have ended up with 40 confirmed guests – and two little tots. This is the size of the wedding I always thought I would have – mainly because I am not in to over-sized, over-the-top events of any nature as I am too shy and introverted.

Don’t get me wrong, I would have loved everyone to have made it. I love my family so much and there are so many of us and I know it would have been a good time, but everything happens for a reason and I am really happy with how the numbers turned out.

However, we know that we will be able to talk to and socialise with everyone who is able to make it and know it’s going to be an amazing day and night regardless.

Bridesmaid update

Unfortunately, and with a very, very sad and heavy heart, my second bridesmaid is unable to come from the UK to stand by my side. Which is really upsetting and really put me on a downer. I mean, you always hope to have your closest friends and family by your side, but it just was not meant to be.

On the upside, I will have my sister by my side and Laura there in spirit, and it means so freaking much to me to have Lauren right there with me every step of the way in her gorgeous dress that arrived a little over a month ago.

Lauren’s dress is the perfect colour blue and the most amazing shape, and it’s sitting pretty in my cupboard next to my wedding dress. Jeanne and I are having a big blowout night for our joint bachelorette in August, which means that when Lauren is here in Cape Town we will both be going to get our dresses altered together. Excited is an understatement!

Walking down the aisle

My pops is going to walk me down to aisle, not only because that’s what dads do, but because I want him too. He is the most amazing male human on the face of this earth and I simply cannot wait for him to walk me down the aisle towards Jeanne.

First and second dance

I am lucky enough to have two amazing dads. My biological dad and my step dad, and I have decided that – because they both mean so much to me – I want to have a dance with them both the night of our wedding.

Both of these men have contributed to my life significantly and in different ways, and I feel that it would only make my day that much more special if I had the opportunity to dance with both of them.

When it comes to Jeanne, I am not sure if she wants to have a first dance or not with her dad. Personally, I think it would be nice, but I am leaving that decision in her hands.

Before we sit down to dinner


There is going to be a couple of hours between our ceremony and actually sitting down to dinner, so Jeanne and I decided to put some games out on the lawn – think boules, ring toss (which I am going to make), and croquet – for everyone to enjoy with a beer, glass of wine or some punch.

We feel that this will allow everyone to enjoy a bit of down time, chat to each other and have a drink while we have our photos taken before we head inside to have our sit down dinner and dance the night away. Finger crossed the weather is glorious!

For now, that is my update. I am sure there will be one more update before the big day, and I will make sure to get all the details down for you all to read. Thanks for tuning in and if you have any advice, comments or thoughts, I would love to hear them! So leave me a comment down below…

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  • Reply Charlie

    So excited for you! I got babies breath end of September, so you should be able to get. Yes 40 to 50 guests is perfect, we got to chat to all of our 50 guests. All sounds so special. Will be thinking of you. Enjoy every moment.

    June 14, 2017 at 11:24 pm
  • Reply Amz

    This is just SO exciting!!

    June 14, 2017 at 3:37 pm
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