Wedding planning: The beginning

Wedding plans? I never thought I would be one of those people who got engaged and then delved right into planning the shindig. Although, to be honest, I never thought I would get engaged, never mind married in the first place. So, there’s that.

However, Jeanne is the love of my life and it was the right time for me, and I proposed, and now we are both giddy with excitement and have booked our photographer and venue and have bought some goodies for me to play around with for our invites. What. The. Fuck. *Wipes brow with tissue like in those classic, old movies*.

So, in a short couple of weeks Jeanne and I have already planned, secured and booked a tonne of stuff. A tonne on the important stuff, anyway.

In an attempt to record our planning process, and to give you insight into our excitement, happiness, mistakes, tears and more, I am going to blog about it. Obviously. So here’s what we have done so far:

Wedding invitation experimentation

Last weekend – 16 October, to be precise – Jeanne and I hopped in the car and drove to PnA where we wanted to start pricing goodies for our DIY invitations (Read: buy a tonne of shit so that I can start experimenting already. I mean, we do need to get these bad boys done before December so my mum can take them back to the UK with her and so that people can RSVP, plan, save and whatnot. You know, all the important stuff).

After walking around the shop for an hour and debating about the colour of the envelops we were going to buy, we walked out of the shop with a roll of twine, beautiful au naturel brown cardboard, white cardboard and some glue. Now, that may not seem like a lot of stuff, but I am going to design and print the rest myself and fiddle around to see what else we need.


Next on the list: Baby’s Breath. Well, do you think we could find this fucking stuff anywhere? The answer would be no. No we blady could not. After just seeing it the other week in Food Lover’s Market – and I mean buckets of the stuff – the damn stuff was nowhere to be found. (Note: By 11am I was grumpy and gatvol. Jeanne took me home and fed me).

Today – 18 October, to be precise – I walk into Pick ‘n Pay at the V&A Waterfront for something completely un-wedding-related, see Baby’s Breath, grab a bunch, pay and walk out without purchasing what I originally went for. Dick.

Tonight the designing begins (after cleaning the house and cooking dinner. Hopefully I do not pass out before then) so that I can print one and see what it’s like. Jeanne and I have come to a mutual decision that if it’s utter shite or does not print properly, we will rope in professionals.

Booking our photographer (and good friend)

There is not a lot to say in this department, only because Jeanne and I had always said that if/when we get married, the only person we would ever want to document our special day would be our good friend, Gunther Schubert (who, just by the way, is the photographer for The Expresso Morning Show, owner of Mooi Troues, has been featured in numerous publications, is the most talented photographer we know and is one of the first people I met in Cape Town turned into a really good friend).

There is no better person I could imagine photographing our special day, seriously. Not only is he talented and amazing, but Jeanne and I will be 100% comfortable when he is in the room with us while we get ready and when he is capturing the rest of our day, and there is nothing more important to us than being comfortable!

G, thank you for blessing us not only with your talent, but your presence both as a guest and photographer on our special day. You have no idea how much it means to us!

Booking our venue

Jeanne and I had engaged in an extensive chat and did a lengthy search for venues. There are. So. Fucking. Many. Christ. And the majority of them cost an arm and a fucking leg, and I pretty much need those to hold my dad’s arm and walk down the aisle, so there is no option to sell them off.

Anyway, we had emailed a couple of places – Friday Island was one of them, which is lovely and has so many amenities, but was too expensive for our budget – and finally decided to have our ceremony and reception at Blowfish, which is a restaurant located at Dolphin Beach Hotel in Table View.

I don’t know why I did not think of it before, as Jeanne and I have gone there every year – except for this year – for dinner on our anniversary and it has a cracking view of my most favourite thing in the world, Table Mountain. There is also the choice of having your ceremony either on the beach or in their garden (Jeanne wants it on the beach, I want it in the garden, go figure), and, overall, it is just a delightful little spot that is so dear to our hearts.

Bonus: their food is beyond amazing. Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner!

So today – 18 October – we have booked and paid for our wedding venue (and our photographer) making it super-duper official. We will be getting married on the 7 October 2017!

Maid of honour, bridesmaid and bridesmen.

So, the big question, who will be my bridesmaid and my maid of honour? And who is Jeanne choosing to be her bridesmen? Get it? Because she too is a bride, too.

I have chosen my sister to be my maid of honour, again, that was never a question and no one else ever crossed my mind, and I have (by now) asked my dear friend Laura from the UK (if she can come. Fingers crossed!) to be my bridesmaid. I could not think of two more amazing women to be standing by my side on our special day. Ah, guys, I love you!


Jeanne has chosen her step-dad, Steve, and her brother, Deon, to be her bridesmen, which I think is amazing as they are two very important men who have played – and continue to play – such a huge role in her life. I could not be happier for her or for them!

Colour scheme

Guys, I am Scottish and I have an amazing Scottish surname: Henderson. So, it was only natural to go with the colours that feature in the Henderson tartan (blue, green and yellow) with the addition of brown (for twine), white (flowers) and gold (for extra decoration and Lauren and Laura will have a little gold something in their hair! We are also using gold in place of yellow). This is what the Henderson tartan looks like along with a little bit of our decor inspiration:


Wow, we have done a lot so far. But it has only made Jeanne and I even more excited about what is to come. There is so much more to do, but the two most important things we need to sort out next are:

  • Finding a wedding planner to organise chairs (on the beach or in the garden) and flowers (which will be Baby’s Breath with Eucalyptus) and a jukebox.
  • Wedding officer to do the ceremony.

Eeek! The excitement is too much.  Stay tuned for more updates, I guarantee there will be many!

Feature image credit: Pixabay. 

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